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Google releases first Android 13 : 13 New feature, Release Date, 5 Upcoming Features, Update List, Android 13 Tiramisu?

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Android 13: What’s New?

Google released its first Android 13 developer preview for its pixel phones. But in 2022 many android devices are still running on Google’s Android 11 or lower operating system. Many Android devices are still waiting to receive the Android 12 update. This Android 13 developer preview one will be available for Google Pixel 4 and later devices. Pixel users need to register themself in the 13 beta testing programmeAlso, read: Digital Rupee Currency By Indian Govt Will Be Launch By Early 2023 | Regulations On Digital Currency Not Decided Yet.

As per leaked data, Google’s Android 13 code name will be “ Tiramisu ” as seen in the setting menu. The company’s main focus in Android 13 is privacy and security along with productivity. Several new features are included in the first developer preview among this Android 13 will come with the support of system photo picker. WhatsApp web and desktop versions to get 2-step verification soon | WhatsApp may soon allow users to transfer their chats from Android to iOS device.

As you know, the first developer preview is only for core developers working on base Android apps so that applications will be ready for the next step developer preview update. On the first developer preview, it will be limited to pixel devices only, and later it will be available for other Android flagship devices when the beta testing stage increases. Also,read: Cryptocurrency Ban in India soon, Allow RBI Digital Coin | What are Private Cryptocurrencies?

Android 13 developer preview can also be available in the latest Android 3 update through the Android Emulator on Android Studio. First Android 13 Developer Preview can be installed on the Pixel 4, Pixel 4 XL, Pixel 4a, Pixel 4a (5G), Pixel 5, Pixel 5a 5G, Pixel 6, and the Pixel 6 Pro devices.

Android 13 release date

Google shares the release date of the Android 13 developer preview and Beta testing. The final rollout for Android 13 will be in October but before that Google will be showcasing its glimpse in Google I/O 2022.  As per the company below are the Android 13 release date.

Android 13 Developer Preview 1: February

Android 13 Developer Preview 2: March

Android 13 Beta 1: April

Android 13 Beta 2: May

Android 13 Beta 3: June

Android 13 Beta 4: July

As I mentioned above, the company focused on privacy and security, so they add a new feature called the system photo picker in the first developer preview. system photo picker prevents third-party applications to access whole gallery image and video. Using of system photo picker a user can share specific photos and videos with apps and keep other personal media files shielded.

Through Android 13 users can enable apps to find and connect to nearby devices over Wi-Fi without accessing the location of users. Another feature in the first developer preview is the Jetpack library which will give developers a  better experience and make their development easy. Also,read:Instagram Video Selfies for Identity Verification is slowly rolling out | This new upcoming feature will remove fake users from Instagram


Android 13 Developer Preview

Android 13 Code Name

Android 13 developer preview is here so what’s new, what are the new features and changes let me share with you all about it so I am using the pixel 6 running on Android 13 developer preview one and there’s no mention of Android 13 anywhere instead it’s called Tiramisu, we assumed that Google maybe is just going back to desert names or maybe it’s just an internal code name. Also,read: Facebook is bringing end-to-end encryption to Messenger Calls: Facebook new feature.

 Android 13 Developer Preview One Feature


  1. So I am going to start with the visual changes, first, Android 12 brought the whole material user design vamp, and Android 13 kind of builds upon that. The first thing I noticed is some new quick settings toggles there is now a toggle to enable and disable the one-handed mode quickly and once this is on I can swipe down on the bottom to bring the screen lower.


  1. Another new toggle is colour correction and there is also a new toggle to quickly scan QR codes now it’s disabled by default but I think this will arrive in future releases because this is pretty handy.


  1. Apart from the quick setting toggles the media player in the notification sheet has gone through some changes instead of the thumbs up and down buttons it now has a repeat and shuffles instead the media output picker user interface has also changed it now shows you the different devices along with the slider to increase or decrease the volume.
  2. The picture in picture mode now has a split-screen button, in a YouTube video playing in Picture in Picture (PIP) mode and when I am in a separate app it gets the split screen button that I can just tap to move YouTube into the split-screen.
  3. Apart from that, I am not sure if this is new but I noticed this always show keyboard option in the app drawer which will open up the keyboard when you open up the app drawer and a lot of other launchers have this.


  1. Android 13 also includes all of Android 12 else user interface changes like the quick wallpaper picker in the home screen arrow.


  1. Android 13 also supports themed app icons for third-party apps now themed app icons are these icons that go with the whole dynamic theming feature and they also change when the dark mode is on and now developers just need to supply a monochrome app icon and they will support this themed icons feature.


  1. The guest mode on android is pretty handy between phones or tablets but sometimes your guest needs access to more apps other than the stock Android apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video in Android 13 you can just go to the multiple users settings and then go to guest and now you can install the apps available in your account in the guest mode.
  2. You can go to the guest mode and as you can see Netflix or Amazon Prime Video are here now one thing to note the guest won’t share your data or account details so the guest will need to sign in to the accounts in the apps.


  1. when you’re uploading a photo on an app it asks for access to all the files and media that’s changing with Android 13 this is how it’s going to work that’s not live in this preview but as you can experience it will say at the top this app will only have access to the photos you select this is good and it’ll work the same way when sharing documents or any other files.


  1. A lot of people said their system phone language to English but they want to use some of their apps in their own regional language well Android 13 will let you change languages on a per app basis so rather than apps having their own language settings Android 13 will have its own app languages page again this is not live in the developer preview one.


  1. But you can find in the screenshots you will be able to go to app languages and change the language on as per app basis this is useful especially in countries like India with so many languages.


  1. If you still use the navigation buttons you can now disable the long press on the home button to access Google assistant, you know how annoying it was to activate Google assistant by mistake by pressing down the home button so this is good.


  1. The quick tap feature as known as the double tap on the back now supports flashlight so now you can double tap on the back to turn on the torch even when the phone is locked.


  1. Next up, silent mode actually silences everything now including the vibration haptic feedback, but a user can turn on the silent mode and as you can find the haptic mode option is disabled is available


  1. Android 13 will let apps bring a prompt so that we can add a quick tile for the app.
  2. The privacy dashboard will get an option to show you data from the last week.
  3. There are also several tablet specific features added the taskbar supports six apps and lock screen rotation is now enabled on the tablet option is available.

Wrapping Up

Now there are also a number of performance and under the hood improvements in Android 13 but I think we’ll get a better idea once the stable release arrives, so I am going to wait for that as for when Android 13 is actually coming. Well, we are looking at a beta release sometime in April and the stable release should arrive in August.

Anyway, those were all the cool new features in Android 13’s first developer preview and it is clear that this does not bring a huge revamp or anything because android 12 already brought that, but this is good and hopefully we will see more features in the coming Android 13 releases. Anyway which Android 13 feature did you like the most comment down or by visiting our “ IT Sambad ” social media handle.


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