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Apple adds Gaana, JioSaavn music streaming services to its HomePod mini in India

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Hi readers, good news for Apple’s Homepod Mini users, Now users of Homepod Mini can listen to Gaana and JioSaavn music. CEO of the Gaana music streaming app announced this news on Wednesday, and Jio Saavn also shares this news on their social media accounts. 

What is Homepod mini?

Homepod mini is a smart speaker through which you can interact with only Apple services like Siri, Apple Music, etc. but now our homegrown music streaming app is available on Apple’s product. This music service is available only for users residence in India.

Now, Homepod mini users can play Gaana and JioSaavn music by giving instruct to voice assistant Siri. But Apple users must update their iOS to the latest (iOS 14.1 and later). After updating to the latest software, users can use these services by commanding Siri.

Apple users need to add both these music service applications to the HomePod mini. Its user can set up through the app’s setting section by following on-screen instructions. Say the name of the song to Siri and play your favorite song. Gaana users can listen to more than 45 million songs across 25 languages. Gaana and Jio Saavn support hands-free streaming on HomePod mini.

The CEO of Gaana was happy when he announced this service with Apple, he said that “Now music streaming industry is transforming. users of Gaana will have a larger choice and they spend leisure time by listening to their playlists at home. They can easily access and listen to their favorite songs by voice command, no matter where they are in their homes.”

Homepod mini is the combination of the best hardware and software that comes from California tech giant Apple Inc. Due to the best technology combination, the audio output quality is amazing. It comes with voice assistant  Siri support to do your work hands-free.

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How to use Gaana or JioSaavn on Home pod mini by voice assistant.

After setting up the Gaana application user will give a voice command to Siri by saying. “Hey Siri, Play top Bollywood song sung by Jubin Nautiyal on Gaana”.  To listen to the workout song on Jio Saavn, say “Hey Siri, Play the workout song on Jio Saavn”. Siri does not support the Hindi language so that you can not interact with the Hindi language.

How to set up Gaana or JioSaavn to HomePod mini 

To add Gaana or JioSaavn music streaming app to the HomePod mini, go to the settings option, click the option to Connect with the HomePod mini device, and follow the pop-up onscreen instructions to set up these streaming apps on the device. 

Apple HomePod Mini features

Apple HomePod Mini can make your home electronics accessories  Smart. Its intelligent assistant follows your orders to operates your electronics accessories. One of its features is it can run on voice command and you can listen to music, podcasts, News, set your reminders, know weathers, flight timing, and much more which is available on the internet. If you have multiple Homepod, then you can communicate with other members at home with an intercom facility. It has also four microphone noise cancellations.

  • It is safe and secure
  • It works on voice command “Hey Siri”
  • You can listen to music
  • You can set your reminders
  • 360 degrees surround sound
  • Noise cancelation and bass
  • Blinking lights feature on the top
  • You can use it as an intercom in your house
  • Backlit on the top for quick control with a volume rocker

In terms of design, the Homepod mini looks like a premium, attractive and handy device. Its round-shaped design fits it on every surface. this device is wrapped with a soft mesh fabric and through its small hole sound can easily come out. On the top, it has a touch control surface with backlit functions for quick control.


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HomePod mini Price

Homepod mini Price is Rs.9900.00 and it is available on Apple online and offline stores as well as other online selling platforms. It is perfect for home entertainment.

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