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Ather 450X Electric Scooter | Ather 450X Price, Specifications, Range, Top Speed

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Ather 450x is an India-made electric scooter that comes from an Indian company Ather energy. The 450x electric scooter is an upgraded version of Ather 450. The Ather 450x electric scooter looks like a sporty scooter. The 450x is painted with three colours i.e Space Gray, Mint Green, and white colour. Also, read: OLA Electric Scooter Delivery Date Postpones Again | OLA Scooter Deliveries Slated To Mid-December Amid Global Chip Shortage.

Ather 450x Body and Overview

It looks like a small scooter from distance but from near its looks like a full-size scooter. Its weight is 118 Kg, length is 70.87, width is 27.56 inch and height is 49.21. It’s the perfect size for a 5.10-inch height rider and its seat is made with a single piece of a soft cushion.


Ather 450x is a lightweight e-scooter and is made with strong aluminum frame chassis. All lights and indicators are fitted with LED and its headlamp placed in the middle of the front panel. Its body panels are made with strong and durable plastic.


It has a telescopic front and mono-shock observer with two disk brakes in front and back respectively. Ather 450x has comes with MRF tyres which provide the best grip during riding on a rough road. Its dual mirror is very narrow and it may little affect the rearview. It has a 22 liter capacity of storage space so that you may keep your helmet and other stuff in it.


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Ather 450x Range, Specifications

Ather 450x has a 6 kW PMS motor which produces 26nm instant torque and fast acceleration. Ather uses a rubber belt mechanism to move this e-scooter with the help of a PMS motor. It has a 2.9 kW non-removable lithium-ion battery with IP67 rated water and dust certified.


The company claims that the 450x Scooter takes three hours and forty-five minutes for 0-80 % charge and it can run up to 15 km in 10 minutes of fast charge. It has a charging socket on the bottom of the handle.


It has a 7-inch touch display with multiple smart functions in it. The rider can connect their mobile with Ather 450x through Bluetooth and may use functions like receive, accept and reject calls, view messages, Notifications, and access phone contacts, etc. Some other notable functions are park assist functions, music control, Google Map, Darkmode, and file storage option.


Ather 450x has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 212 processor with inbuild Jio 4G LTE network connectivity ( IoT SIM card). The company charges an extra amount for a fully functional Google Map feature, etc.


ATHER 450X range , charging
Image Credit: Ather


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Ather 450x has four riding modes called Eco, Ride, Sports, and wrap mode. The top speed varies from Eco to wrap mode. Users can change mode eco to wrap during a ride. The owner of this scooter can monitor the charging point, Battery status of this vehicle through its native App.  As per the company claim, Ather 450x gives a 116 km range with a single charge. 

Modes Top Speed
Eco Mode 48kmph
Ride Mode 63kmph
Sports Mode 90kmph
wrap Mode 90kmph


It comes with two types of charging adapter options (i.e Wall mounted charger and a portable charger). Ather provides an option to the owner to choose a charging adapter as their needs. Ather building its charging stations called Ather grid


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Ather 450x Price and Availability 

The 450x base price is different from state to state and Ather 450x price in Ahmedabad is Rs. 1,26,926/- (Including Fame-II subsidy), 450x  price in Kolkata is Rs. 1,46,926/-  (Including Fame-II subsidy). This e-scooter may be cheaper after the State subsidy if applicable.

Ather E-Scooters are more expensive than OLA electric and Simple Energy’s EV.  This e-scooter is only available in 20 states of India.


India is speedily adopting Electonic vehicles that’s why lots of companies are launch E-Scooters/ E-Bike and Electric Car in India. Recently OLA Electric and Simple Energy EV companies launch their E-Scooter OLA S1 Pro, OLA S1, and  Simple One in India.

But those EV’s are not available for testing so that the actual pros and cons are not available yet. But Ather energy is an old player since 2013 and its Ather 450x is a modern and improved E-Scooter than Ather 450 Plus. A lot of satisfied customers of Ather are preferred to ride its 450x EV. Thanks for reading this article, post your questions and suggestions in the below box I will answer them.


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