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How to Disable Call Recording Alert in Google Dialer | Stop Call Recording Announcement on Android

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Earlier, Google announced that Google dialer will be mandatory for every Android for enhanced security purposes. After that most smartphone brands started pushing the Google dialer app instead of their native dialer app. As you know default Google dialer has the call recording alert feature, which will be alerted to the receiver in case someone starts call recording.  

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Google showcases its default Google dialer as the value the privacy of users but a lot of users started grousing about the call recording alert feature. Every user feels that the call recording alert feature is less important than privacy. A recorded voice may use for legal proof but the alert can ruin the whole intent of recording. So, in this post, I will be sharing a method to disable the call recording announcement in Google phone dialer on any Android phone.

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How to Disable Call Recording Alert in Google Phone

If your phone makes a warning while call recording started you can follow the below steps to disable the call recording warning. Follow the below steps to disable it.

  • Download and install TTSLexx App from Google Play Store
  • Open your phone settings, and Search Languages & Input.
  • Click on Text to Speech output


Disable Call Recording aleart in Google Dialer


  • Click on the preferred engine, and change it to TTSLexx
  • Back to the home screen, and long press on the dialer 
  • You will find the app info option click on it
  • Tap on Clear data and clear all data

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Wrapping Up

That’s it Now when you called someone and press the record option, the alert will be played before the call gets connected, so the other person is not able to hear the recording alert. But thanks to Samsung and Vivo mobile to not including this Google dialer app. A user can record calls without warning. If you gain knowledge from this article, please share this with your friends and colleagues to solve their problems. Ask your question on our Social media handle I will definitely solve your question.


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