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Dissatisfied OLA electric scooter customers not happy with OLA S1 Pro Build Quality issue | Customers are unhappy with OLA S1 Pro aftersales service [ Is It Scam) : Report

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After the launching of the OLA S1 pro and OLA S1 electric scooter, this Indian electric scooter manufacturer get over 80,000 scooters booked on the 1st phase booking period. After paying Rs 499/- again customers wait for three to four months for paying their advance amount of Rs.20,000. In the month of 21st January 2022 company open its final payment window and provided 28th February as the delivery date.

But, Ola electric does not fulfil the delivery target yet. Many people complain about their scooter delivery and for poor after sell service. On the occasion of the Holi festival, OLA electric opened its new purchase window for three days. Where a buyer can buy OLA S1Pro by paying the full amount. Those who paid the full amount between 17 March to 19 March can get their OLA S1Pro Scooter by 30th April.


Credit: OLA Electric


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Unfortunately, OLA S1Pro deliveries took a long time to get underway, and many OLA Scooter owners have been struggling already. Even Ola Electric’s doorstep service model is not able to solve the aftersales service problem. Some customer complains that OLA electric ignore the Emails and Tweets of customers regarding their service and delivery problems.

As per the report of an insider of OLA electric, the Company support team getting lots of complaints via Email and Twitter. To handle this they are using automated social bots. By using that automated software they instantly communicate with customers. 

First phase OLA S1Pro purchaser Tapas Ranjan Nanda ( @tapashnanda ) shared his problems via Twitter and Email support. As per his tweets, he stated that, Nice Joke From @OlaElectric and @bhash Same replay on 4th March and also today (23 March). I think only bot working in the OLA team no humans. 

I contacted Mr. Tapas Ranjan Nanda, He told me that, team OLA once called him for address verification and said that, In his Aadhar Card Odisha was spelled as Orissa, and due to that his registration process got delayed. Mr. Tapas told to OLA champion to read Orissa as Odisha and complete the delivery procedure but after that conversation, OLA did not respond to him.

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In a tweet, Manish ( @Devbondmanish )  shared his frustrations on OLA electric, Very very poor customer service, breaching the trust of customers,  keeping customers full money of Rs 130000 for almost 45 days without delivery of scooter. Very poor support before and after purchase. He claims customer support hasn’t helped either.

Another Ola Electric scooter owner named Ravikiran Suryawanshi ( @raviksurya89 ) shared his frustrations with OLA, He tweets that Totally agree. It’s a very bad experience with Ola’s pathetic customer support. Need to improve the customer support otherwise, it will be a very big loss for all-electric I am continuously taking follow from the last 15 days for my scooter delivery but still waiting. totally frustrated now.

An OLA S1Pro Scooter customer named Himanshu Yadav (@himsi1989) is disappointed by OLA customer service and post his complaint on Twitter that “Finally, the bluff is falling off. I have been waiting for my scooter for 2 months now after dispatch on 31st Jan while you continue to sit on my money. Terrible customer care service.”

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OLA S1 PRO specifications, OLA electric Scooter
OLA S1 PRO specifications image credit- OLA Electric


Lots of customers are getting battery issues, built quality issues on their OLA S1Pro Scooter. As per the report, Ola Electric has gotten to a lot of bookings, but the company has been struggling to complete the orders and has missed numerous delivery dates, and due to pressure they are compromising with quality. 

The worst problem in OLA S1Pro is it is unable to climb uphill roads. If you try to ride an uphill road it warns that the temperature is too high, back to normal mode in 10 seconds. The second worst point is its side stand, which is made from cheap fiber plastic and it is not able to control the scooter on a sloping road. 

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OLA electric aimed to deliver 15,000 OLA S1Pro scooters by the end of March. As you know the company discontinuing its OLA S1 model and every S1 booking customer will get S1 Pro as an upgrade but with preinstalled S1 software, which means S1 Pro with S1 feature. For unlocking the S1 Pro scooter feature customer should pay extra Rs 30,000 if they want.

I hope OLA electric and CEO Bhavish Aggarwal will understand the problems of customers and will solve the problems of the OLA S1Pro scooter customers. If this article helps you please share it with your friends and interested buyers whom you know. If you have any questions ask us on our Social media handle, I will answer them.


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