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What is e-RUPI : e-RUPI Digital Payment, How does it work

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India again took a high jump in the digital payment sector. Indian Prime Minister launched an e-Rupi digital payment solution for the Indian people. The NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India) in Collaboration with the DFS (Department of Financial Services), NHA (National Health Authority), MoHFW (Ministry of Health and Family Welfare), and partner banks. After a mega collaboration, NPCI has launched a new type of digital payment solution “e-RUPI ”

The beneficiary of this e-RUPI digital payment solution can avail of this one-time payment mechanism to redeem the voucher without any bankcard, digital payments app, and internet banking access. The users are getting this facility near the merchants who accepting e-Rupi. The Government or organizations would be share payment details through an SMS or QR code with the user. These e-Rupi payments details with SMS or QR codes will be used only by the beneficiaries for a specific purpose.

e-Rupi prepaid voucher
What is e-Rupi prepaid voucher image credit: NPCI

This is a contactless payment system. E-RUPI payment is easy and secure. The payment credentials of beneficiaries are completely encrypted and confidential. It is faster than other payment systems and transactions are done at the same time. The required transaction amount is already stored in this voucher so that transactions are done instantly.

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How It is used? : What is E-RUPI ?

The  NPCI has started this payment mechanism with its banking partners. After few months other banking sectors will be joining with NPCI for this e-RUPI payment system. It will be beneficial for the Government, Hospitals, and Corporate sectors. 

e-Rupi payment system
e-Rupi payment system image credit: NPCI

Benefits for Governments

Government can send this payment QR code directly to scheme beneficiaries. This E-RUPI payment can be redeemed by the beneficiaries for a specific purpose for which Government is issued this QR code. The scheme beneficiaries can not be redeemed this QR code voucher for another purpose. Government can track this transaction and the benefits will be reached at the actual beneficiary.

Benefits for Corporate sectors

Corporate sectors are benefited from using this e-RUPI payment system. The company can enable the goodness of its employees. This payment system is secure, and an end-to-end digital transaction. This e-RUPI payment does not require any physical paper and any issuance, and It is cost-effective. The company or an issuer can track the redemption of the voucher. It is a quick, contactless and safe voucher distribution.

Benefits for Hospitals

Government or Private hospitals are easily redeemed this voucher via a verification code. It is an easy and hassle-free process. Hospitals are not required to the handling of cash or card payments. Payments are transferred to the hospital account with a quick redemption process. Due to the amounts are pre-blocked in this QR Code voucher, hospitals are redeemed this payment voucher in a few steps. 

Benefits to the Consumer

E-RUPI QR code and SMS code payments are hassle-free that’s why beneficiaries are need not carry any printout of the QR code voucher. It is an easy two-step redemption process. The beneficiary need not share any personal details and bank details with the e RUPI merchant. The beneficiary neither requires any internet connection nor any digital payment application and any bank account. Consumers will be benefited directly from the issuer without any middleman.


These e-RUPI payment systems are best for secure transactions. Benefits are reached directly near beneficiaries. It is a time-saving, money savings and secure transaction process. The issuer can track their redemption details. Beneficiaries would not able to misuse this voucher because it’s only used for a specific purpose.

Hope you gain some knowledge from this article. If you have any questions please post a comment below I will answer them. Please share this article with your friends. Thanks for reading this article.


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