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Facebook is bringing end-to-end encryption to Messenger Calls: Facebook new feature

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Facebook has started testing the end-to-end encryption features in messenger. Facebook Messenger end-to-end encryption feature will work as like as WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption feature.

This Facebook end-to-end encryption feature can encrypted Messenger Messages, video calls, and as well as voice calls.

Facebook Messenger end-to-end encryption feature
Facebook Messenger end-to-end encryption feature

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What is end-to-end encryption (E2EE)

First, an end-to-end encryption feature was introduced by Facebook in the popular short messaging service WhatsApp in 2016. Due to this additional security feature, any third person (Spy) can not be access private Messages, voice calls, and video calls. Even Facebook can’t read user’s chats when this service will be available in messenger.

This Social media giant has faced a lot of pressure from the Government and investigation agencies to roll back this encryption feature. Now, Facebook will add this extra security to prevent spy user’s voice and video calls on Messenger.

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Messenger end-to-end encryption feature
Messenger end-to-end encryption feature

E2EE security is already used by Facebook-owned chat service WhatsApp. This feature is worked fine in WhatsApp. The main motive to bring end-to-end encryption is to keep safe user conversations from criminals and hackers.

Mr.Ruth Kricheli, director of Messenger product management, said that this security feature works like a lock and key where only you and the people whom you chat or call have only access to the conversation. 

This social media giant is also working on some other features of end-to-end encryption. FB planning to commence a public test of this new security feature for messenger group chat and on voice calls. 

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End-to-end encryption for Instagram, Messenger (E2EE)

Facebook-owned photo-sharing application Instagram will be a part of this end-to-end encryption beta testing. A limited beta tester will be able to test this encryption feature to Instagram Direct message

Those people who are involved in this testing program can opt-in to E2EE messages and one-on-one call conversions carried out by Company.

This social networking giant is trying to add other features of WhatsApp to Facebook and Instagram. After few months you may find the expiring messages feature, Send message rollback feature, and delete for all options on FB and Instagram.

Mr.Ruth Kricheli said, “People expect their messaging apps to be secure and private, and with these new features, we’re giving them more control over how private they want their calls and chats to be,”.

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Messenger New Feature

This social media company added a new feature called “ Audio and Video Rooms” in the Facebook app. Users can create a room (like Twitter space) with their friends and followers by sharing the Room link. A host or admin can set a Room meeting schedule, and room name, etc. Once the admin starting hosting the Room meeting a separate Audio and Video calling page opens in the FB messenger app.

When friends/fans join with the shared link or by invitation, the creator can discuss with them through Audio calls or Video calls. The audience can share their thought on the discussed topic. It is similar to Twitter space but Facebook adds a video calling option and this feature makes it different than twitter space.

In the Audio and Video Room calling screen, there is a toggle option to change Audio call to video call instantly. The host can end the meeting with a tap on the end bottom. It has an option to End Room for Everyone or Leaves, which means a host can leave the meeting without canceling the Room meeting


This Facebook end-to-end encryption feature will be valuable for its users. In the twenty-first century protection of user’s data is very important. Messenger end-to-end encryption feature will prevent hackers to spy on you. In few weeks this E2EE feature will be rollout for Facebook and Instagram users. Thanks for reading this article please feel to share this post and if you have any questions feel free to ask.

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