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4 Ways to Get Relieved of YouTube Shorts

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Hi readers, do you still remember TikTok? The short video platform, this platform introduced 15 seconds of short entertaining video to the world. This app destroyed video content by shortening it. This idea made TikTok popular within less time so after the ban in India, other social media platforms bring their short video platforms like Facebook reel, Instagram Reel, Snapchat spotlight, and  YouTube Shorts.

The idea of a short video is good but content creators ruined its content quality by uploading low-grade cringe videos. This app was popular because of some people who like those cringy content.

But still, these cringe videos are on social media where you go you can find those videos. You know that YouTube is a popular video streaming platform and it has also an inbuilt short video format called YouTube Shorts. Youtube has replaced the explorer tab because of promoting its Shorts.

4 Ways to Get Relieved of YouTube Shorts

In September 2020, the video streaming giant  Introduced YouTube Shorts and announced the $100 Million Fund for Shorts and after that, all creators started to create shorts to acquire share from shorts reserve.  If you are bored watching this cringe video and don’t want to watch those cringe Short videos on YouTube, read this article until the last. by reading this article, you will know which 4 Ways to Get Relieved of YouTube Shorts.

Remove Shorts Videos from Youtube Home

Follow these simple tricks to Get Relieved from YouTube Shorts from the home page.

4 Ways to Get Relieved of YouTube Shorts
4 Ways to Get Relieved of YouTube Shorts
  • Mark short video by opting “Not interested” option.
  • Click “Not interested” multiple times on short video till those shorts are not disappeared.
  • Once those videos disappear they will not come again in your home tab. 

Use YouTube in Browser or Desktop mode

The next trick to Get Relieved of YouTube Shorts is to use YouTube videos in Browser from desktop or enable Desktop mode to avoid shorts if you are a mobile user.YouTube Shorts tab has not been available in the Web version till now.

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Downgrading the YouTube App

Another trick to Get Relieved from YouTube Shorts by downgrading the YouTube app. You can get back the explorer tab by downgrading the app. Follow the simple steps to downgrade YouTube App.

YouTube App downgrade

  • Downgrade your current version of the app to the 14.12.15 version. 
  • Uninstall the app updates from the phone setting.
  • Go to the setting menu
  • Search App list on setting search bar (Depends upon your phone)
  • Click on App list and search and select YouTube
Rid from YouTube Short
Rid from YouTube Short
  • Click on two dots (:) and click on “uninstall updates”

Now your YouTube App is downgraded and you find the explorer tab instead of the shorts tab. 

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Installed YouTube Vanced app

The last method to get Relieved of YouTube Shorts is to use the Vanced app version, a modified version of the YouTube app with some advanced features like disabling YouTube shorts, disabling promotional ads, and disabling stories, and watch sponsored content in YouTube.

How to use vanced app
How to use vanced app
  • Download the Vanced App from 
  • Install it using APK Mirror Installer App
  • Click on setting and then Vanced app Settings
  • Next click on the Ad setting
  • Go to last and click on “Shorts self Toggle”

Those methods will help disable irritated Youtube shorts but you noted that this Vanced app is a third-party application.


Following these 4 Ways, you can get Relieved of the shorts videos from your YouTube app. You may make your viewing experience better by disabling YouTube Shorts. Hope you get an idea of removing the shorts tab and getting back the old explorer tab in YouTube. Thanks for reading. Feel free to share this article and spread knowledge.

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