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How to Book Uber Ride from WhatsApp Directly | Uber ride bookings through WhatsApp in India : Step By Step Process

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Book Your Uber Ride From Whatsapp

WhatsApp now expanding its extra add-on services in India. This is no more just an instant messaging app now. WhatsApp allows connecting various businesses through its services. As you know in the previous year Reliance Jio partnered with WhatsApp and takes online grocery orders through WhatsApp by using this Jiomart. Similarly, users can directly book an Uber cab ride through this instant messaging app. Also read: How to Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages: Two ways to Read Deleted WhatsApp Chat (2 ways).

Book your Uber CAB using WhatsApp

USA-based CAB riding app Uber now partnered with WhatsApp to provide its CAB services in India. No need for downloading the Uber application separately. According to a fresh statement from the company, Starting this week this feature will be available in the country. This feature will be slowly rollout after making it easier for users.  Also, read: WhatsApp Payment Offering Rs 51 Cashback to android and iOS users | How to Setup WhatsApp Pay?


WhatsApp to end supports for older Android, iOS phones


As you know one of the popular features of WhatsApp is sharing live locations with contacts and using this live location feature you may book your Uber ride. This new feature will help Uber tap into the more than 500 million user base of Meta Platforms.

Once this feature will be fully available in WhatsApp, users can book their ride without installing the Uber application separately. With this feature, They can book a ride, receive their trip receipts, Make emergency contact with Uber officials through WhatsApp chat services. Also, read: What is GB WhatsApp? | Is GB WhatsApp safe to Use?

How to Book Uber CAB through WhatsApp?

There are three options to book a ride via WhatsApp. You may follow the below steps to book a ride.

  1. You can book a ride by messaging Uber’s business account number
  2. You can start your ride by scanning a barcode provided by Uber
  3. You can book a Uber CAB by clicking on Uber provided link, which will directly open on your Uber WhatsApp chat to complete your rideing.

The company also provides the same safety features and insurance protections as those provided on the Uber app. A rider will get all information regarding safety and insurance within the chat. Uber will provide information about how to get in touch with Uber in case of any emergencies directly on the WhatsApp chat.  Also, read: WhatsApp to end supports for older Android, iOS phones from 1st November | WhatsApp new Update?

As per the report, the new feature will be first launched in Lucknow, which is the capital of Uttar Pradesh, and after that, it will be expanded to other regions/cities of India by 2022. 

The information about the Uber service will be available in English and later it will be expanded to other Indian languages. Uber will be benefited from WhatsApp because it has a huge user base. WhatsApp metaverse will provide similar in-chat services in near future. Also,read: RBI to launch UPI based payment system for feature phone users | UPI-based payment products to be launched for keypad phone


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