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How to Download YouTube Videos in Laptop | 2 easy ways to download YouTube Videos

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How to download YouTube video on Laptop

How to Download YouTube videos In Laptop, and How to download youtube videos without any software is a huge searching keyword in Google. Sometimes they don’t find any solution as per their needs. YouTube is restricting downloading videos from its app. In some videos, YouTube allowed viewers to download the videos inside their app, but those videos are not shareable. Those videos are playable only inside the YouTube app.

On the other hand, some popular creators are not allowed viewers to download their videos even inside of the YouTube app. So you can download any youtube content in the following 2 easy ways.

How to Download YouTube Videos in Laptop- IT Sambad
Creative Commons licenses

But don’t worry, In this article, I am giving you some tricks where you can download your desired YouTube videos smoothly. Please follow the below methods for a hassle-free download. I am showing you  2 easy ways to download YouTube Videos. By following this you can download Youtube Content on laptops. you can download those youtube videos without any software.

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2 easy ways to download  Videos

First Method

Step 1 for Download YouTube videos on PC

First, open your browser (any browser) and type

Google Chrome -IT Sambad
Image credit – Google

Step 2

To download YouTube content on your Laptop  / PC Open that desired YouTube video in a new tab and right-clicks on the video and copy the video URL.

Valentine bakara -IT Sambad
Image credit -Odisha infinity YouTube channel


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Step 3

Then paste the URL link in search box and press download

Save from it search box -IT Sambad
Image credit –
Save from it paste -IT Sambad
Image credit –

Step 4

Now you see the video thumbnail, then you choose the video quality, then press the download video option. download option -IT Sambad
Image credit:-
Save feom it link paste -IT Sambad
Image credit

Now you can download YouTube content easily this way by using Viewers can download separate audio by using this method.

Second Method for  Download YouTube videos on PC

Step 1

Open YouTube and copy the video URL and paste it on search box.


y2 mate paste your link - IT Sambad
Image credit: y2mate

Step 2

After compilation of 1st step, you saw the thumbnail and video quality options, now you can choose which quality video you want to download. then press the download option and your video will be downloaded.

y2mate download -IT Sambad
Image author: Y2mate

Following this method, you can download video and audio of a video. This can help you to download videos faster from youtube.


You can also download any social media video and audio of youtube videos by following the above methods. In this article you know 2 easy ways to download YouTube Videos step by step and the question of how to download YouTube Videos is ended here.

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