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How to Fix Android Mobile Network Problems | Tricks to Solve Network Problems in Android mobile

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Hi Readers, you may face your android mobile network Problems issues every day. No matter how good the mobile phone is or how expensive it is, you can’t do anything if a network problem arises with your mobile. This network problem can come in mobile anytime. 

An Android user has to face network problems many times than an Apple user, many times problems like “Network Error”, “Weak Signals”, “Phone Not Registered on Network”, “Mobile Network Not Available”, and “No Signal Found”. can be seen in android phone.

Android Mobile Network Problems
Android Mobile Network Problems

All these problems of Android mobile network issues can be easily solved with some tricks, in this article, I am going to tell you about some easy tips and tricks by using this trick you can get rid of any issues of your phone’s network-related problems, so please read this article till the end and know How to Fix Network Problems in Android mobile.

Easy tips and tricks to solve network related issues: Android Mobile Network Problems

If you are an android user then you may follow those below easy  Tips & Tricks to Solve Network Problems in any android mobile. If you are faced with any kind of Network Problems with your smartphone like Slow internet connection, Network connection error, Signal not found, Network error, etc. then you can follow the below-mentioned tips and tricks to solve your problem.

  • Restart Your Phone : Android Mobile Network Problems

You should restart your device once a week because If there is any problem with your mobile phone then the best and easiest way to fix it is to restart the mobile. Many times we accidentally change the settings of the phone or there is a problem with the user interface of the phone, so if you have not restarted your mobile phone for a long time, then you should restart it once, maybe your network related problem will be solved only by restarting after setting up.

  • Make sure that the Airplane mode is OFF on mobile

Make sure that the Airplane mode is OFF on mobile. Sometimes we turn on Airplane mode ON our phone or it remains ON by mistake. Neither can anyone’s call come nor we can call anyone, this also turns off the internet data along with the calling of the SIM card, so if you are facing a network problem, then definitely make sure that your phone Airplane mode is OFF.

  • Full charge your mobile:  solve android mobile network problems

When your battery is very low, and your phone prefers to stay on, it can affect your phone’s system processes and cause a lot of network usage to the phone’s battery. The smartphone takes a lot of battery power to connect the network with the nearest mobile tower. If your phone does have not enough battery there will be shows network-related issues.

  • Turn OFF the power-saving mode of your mobile

Many times we keep our phone in power saving mode, because of this our phone gives priority to avoid charging but do you know that power saving mode is also the cause of network problem? As I told you in its first point that running network service in the phone consumes more battery, so if you keep your mobile phone in power saving mode then it turns off the network service so that the phone’s charging remains. Whenever there is a network problem in your mobile phone if you are on the power-saving mode then change it to performance mode.

  • Remove and re-insert the SIM card

Many times, there is also a network problem by inserting the SIM card incorrectly, so once the SIM card is taken out of the mobile and reinsert it again, before installing or removing the SIM card, make sure that you have installed your SIM card. The device is turned off otherwise you may damage your device or as well as your SIM card. 

  • Contact With customer care center

Call customer care center for Network problems from another mobile. If any problem with the mobile network service providers side they can easily solve this after complaining.  If the problem is at the root of the mobile SIM card, they can help you to change the defective SIM card, and the network problems will definitely be solved by the customer service.

  • Reset your network settings

Many times we keep changing the settings in our mobile, in such a situation, if any network setting gets enable or disable, then we have to face network problems, so if you have tampered with the network settings, then the best option would be to reset the network settings, this will clear your network settings and bring back to their defaults settings.


Hope you liked this information what we provided, in this article, you get an idea about how to fix network problem in Android mobile. Now you can solve android mobile network problems issues in a minute. If you liked this article,  then definitely share it with your friends and if you have any questions related to this article, then definitely ask by commenting.

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