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How to Download Chrome OS Flex and How its Works ?| How to install Chrome OS Flex on laptop Mac and Tablet

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What is Chrome OS Flex and how its works

Google release its new Chrome OS Flex first beta version, this OS works perfectly with an old windows Laptop Desktop or an old Windows Tablet such as a Microsoft Surface 2. If your old laptop and desktop run too slow with windows on it, well maybe you might want to consider installing google’s chrome os flex onto it. A user can use ChromeOS flex by two different methods, the first method is, you can actually run it live off a USB stick and the second method is you can install it directly to the drive on the computer.


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In this article, I will be briefing you about how to install Chrome OS Flex on your slow-running PC, laptop, and Microsoft Surface. Before you install Flex Os on your device, keep in mind that all your documents and Windows will be wiped out during installing process. If there are any important documents or files on the laptop or the desktop that you are going to install chrome Os flex onto make sure that you have backed them.

How to create recovery Chrome OS Flex USB flash drive 

I will be preparing a Chrome OS Flex recovery USB flash drive via the chrome browser. This at the moment is the only way that you can actually prepare one of these USB flash drives 

  • Open your Google Chrome browser 
  • Go to the Chrome web store and search Chromebook Recovery Utility and click on the “add to chrome”
  • Install Chromebook recovery utility an extension onto your Chrome browser
  • After installing, open your chrome browser and click on the extension icon in the top right corner.
  • Click on Chromebook recovery utility, and a new screen will appear
  • Click on get started and click on Select a model from a list
  • Click on select manufacture Select Google Chrome OS Flex and Chrome OS Flex (Developer- Unstable)
  • Insert and select an 8GB USB pen drive or more than that to create a Chrome OS Flex recovery drive ( micro SD card not recommended), Press continue
  • Press create now, it takes a couple of minutes to create a Chrome OS Flex flash drive

Click continue this will now prompt us and say create a recovery image important all data and partitions on your recovery media will be deleted so this is just reminding us once again that the flash drive that we’re using is going to get completely erased now what I am going to do is to click on create now so let me do that now what this is saying is don’t remove your recovery media so this is showing downloading four percent.

It will be different from person to person this will be dependent upon your internet speed. this is saying here is do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device so you will be I am allowed / yes here so I’m just going to click on yes and what’s going to happen now is that the recovery utility will start burning the disk image to the USB flash drive.


Image credit: pixaby


After completion of burning to USB disk, you will get a  message saying you need to format the disk in the drive. But, don’t click on the format disk, press cancel. Here,  the drive what it is this message may pop up for you as well this is basically windows saying that it has got a flash drive connected that needs formatting that’s only because windows doesn’t understand what is on the drive so just go ahead.

So now we have got google chrome os flex installed onto a bootable USB flash drive and this can now be used to boot and launch chrome os flex onto any compatible windows desktop or laptop and also compatible Mac desktops and laptops. 

Before going for the installation, the first thing am recommend is that you make sure that your laptop or whatever computer you may be doing this with is connected to power and the next thing to do is to make sure that our USB flash drive which contains the installer for chrome os flex is connected to the computer.

After the above steps, you must shut down your system and  power up the computer, you need to use its boot key in order for us to get access to the USB flash drive to boot from that now the boot keys on different computers are accessed in different ways. Boot keys of some known laptops and PCs.


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Boot key of different computer brands

Those functions are works at the time of computer restart


Acer  F 2
Apple  Hold Option key next to the ⌘ key
Asus Del DEL key
Dell  F12 key
HP F9 F 9
Intel F 2
Lenovo F 12
Toshiba  F 2 or F 12
Other brands you may follow Try pressing Esc, any of F1-F12 keys

How to install Chrome Os Flex on your computer

Now I am telling you how to install Chrome Os Flex on your computer. It is just the same as you install windows on your computer.

  • Insert Chrome Os Flex Pendrive on your computer
  • Restart your Computer / Tablet / Laptop and continuously press the bios key (As given above)
  • Press until you see booting/bios  screen, Select your recovery USB flash drive ( some cases system detect automatically)
  • Next Google logo will appear and welcome Cloud ready 2.0 screen will appear.
  • Click on get started and you will find two option
  1. Cloud ready 2.0 
  2. Try it first
  • Select Cloud ready 2.0 to install
  • In case you select “Try it first” then Chrome Os Flex will be run directly from your USB flash drive.

After that click on the next option, you will find a warning message that shows you that your stored data will be erased when you install Chrome Os Flex. and again install Cloudready 2.0 and erase the hard drive warning message prompt again. You simply click on the install option. Now, installing of Cloudready 2.0 is started.

After a couple of minutes,  the installation complete message is shown. Now you click on the shutdown option and remove the USB flash drive power on again it will directly open the Chrome Os Flex setup window. A message pop-up that asks you to “ activate chrome vox, the built-in screen reader for Chrome Os” you may accept or reject this message. But I suggest that you may skip this option.

Next, you must be connected to your Wifi network and accept the google terms and conditions. On the next screen, you will choose who using this chrome device. Select “You” and press the next option. In the next step, you must be signed in with your Gmail id and synchronize data with your old google id to the new chrome flex.

In the next step, chrome Flex will ask you for hardware data collection, you may untick the option and move to next and you may set up your google voice assistant on the next screen. Now you are all set to run  Google Chrome Os flex on your device. Click on the get started option and you are ready to use it.

Difference between Chrome OS and Chrome OS Flex 

Google’s Chrome OS is exclusively for Chrome books which are used for schools and businesses and for Google’s latest chrome book series. Whereas Chrome OS Flex can be used on regular Windows, tablets, or on macOS systems. Chrome OS Flex is totally free to download for anyone who has slow running PC as well as it is compatible with both Windows and Mac laptops.

Google Promises, users of Chrome OS Flex will get the same quality of support and service from Google as regular Chrome OS users received. Both the Chrome OS Flex and Chrome OS are the same user interface and develop with the same codes. As a common feature both Operating System supports Google  Assistant voice command.

The additional feature of Chrome OS Flex is it reduces dependency on hardware. Chrome OS Flex requires bare minimum hardware to run. It allows this platform to work even on older Windows PCs. Apps are open quicker and work seamlessly on Chrome flex and the booting time of old device are reduced.


You can operate it like a mobile device. All the Google products and services are available on chromeOS Flex. You can feel the smoothness of Google and your slow device now fast again. But, remember Google Chrome Os flex is now in the early development stage so you may get some glitches, and bugs at the time of usage. The company has also promised to provide users with regular security updates that will keep safe their devices from viruses, malware, and phishing attempts.

This new Os is very useful for low hardware combination laptops and tablets. You will get more updates on Google ChromeOS flex when its stable version is released. Please share this post and follow our Social Media handle for more information. 


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