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How to Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages : Two ways to Read Deleted WhatsApp Chat (2 ways)

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WhatsApp is the most popular social messaging app in the world with more than 2.7 billion active users. This popular messaging app is owned by Facebook. WhatsApp adds several features to its app. But some times sender instantly deleted WhatsApp chat after sending it to you. Once the chat is deleted then you are not able to read it. In this article, I will share some tips you can follow to read deleted WhatsApp messages.

How to Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages
How to Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages

WhatsApp allows users to retrieve send messages within an hour once the sender clicks on the delete for everyone option you cant read again Deleted WhatsApp messages. It applies to individual and group chat. This feature is available on iOS, Android, Windows, and web WhatsApp platforms.

When the sender deletes the message you get an alert that “This message was deleted”. This feature is mostly used on WhatsApp for rectifying mistakes and but message receivers want to read Deleted WhatsApp Chat.

However, if you want to read deleted text, you can try these two methods.

How to read deleted WhatsApp messages?

Read deleted messages using WhatsApp Chat Backup

If you have deleted your important messages from your group or personal contact accidentally, and want to get them back again you can do so if you enable the auto chat backup option. You can check by following these steps.

  • Open WhatsApp
  • Click on three-dot on the top corner
  • Go to setting
  • Click on chat
  • Again click on chat backup
  • Again click on Back up to Google Drive
  • Select daily option (which is recommended), other backup frequencies are available.
  • Otherwise, you can choose according to your choice

By default, the auto chat backup option is set to a daily basis when you registered your Gmail Id with WhatsApp. If you set the daily backup option, your everyday chat will backup in google drive as well as in your WhatsApp storage every night at 2 am.

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Restore the deleted WhatsApp chats, proceed with the below following steps

  • Uninstall WhatsApp from your mobile and re-install it from Google Play Store if you are an android user and an iOS user does the same thing from the appAppStoreore.
  • Click to accept the terms, register again with the same mobile number, and then click Next.
    A pop-up screen will appear where you can select to restore the chat from the backup.
  • Confirm your mail id and click on the restore option, now your WhatsApp chats will be restored.

After a successful backup chat restore you can find your deleted message again.

Read Deleted Messages using Third-Party Apps

Following the second method, you can read deleted messages using third-party apps. Users can use many apps available in the Google Play store to read deleted messages after you deleted messages or the sender click on the “delete for everyone” option.

These apps frequently maintain a chat record of your notifications that are stored in the notification register of the Android system. Also read:How to Book Uber Ride from WhatsApp Directly | Uber ride bookings through WhatsApp in India : Step By Step Process.

Read the deleted messages using WhatsRemoved+ App

Whats removed plus
How to read deleted chats

You can read deleted WhatsApp text by installing a popular app called “WhatsRemoved+”.  which is available in the Play Store having 10 million downloads and 4.3-star ratings. This WhatsRemoved+ app is available only for android users. This app is not available on the Apple AppStore. This app shows you advertisements and if you want to remove advertisements you can buy a premium subscription to the app.

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Read deleted WhatsApp chats, proceed with the below following steps

  • Download the WhatsRemoved+ app from Google Play Store and install it on your phone.
  • Accept to “Agree to the terms and conditions” as prompted on the screen and allow “access to notifications”.
  • Select WhatsApp from the list of apps to read deleted messages.
  • Whenever someone deletes a message sent to you, a notification popup from the app.
  • If you want to read deleted messages open the app from notification and tap on the “DETECTED” tab.
How to Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages
Image credit: Whats removed plus

You can read from the “WhatsRemoved+” app even after the sender removed the messages. You must note that once you restart your smartphone you can not retrieve your deleted messages. It happens due to the notification log is being cleared from the Android system and the third-party app can not get back your deleted messages.


Hope you liked the information that we provided, in this article, you get an idea about How to Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages. But remember one thing when you allow any third-party app it may be a major security risk for your device. Please read the T&C When you allow the app for any access from your device.

You should keep alert yourself before sending a WhatsApp message. Those apps are helpful to you but using an unsecured app maybe harm you. If the receiver turns off the internet before the sender deletes the message, this message will not delete until the receiver switch on the internet. The receiver can take a screenshot of  Deleted WhatsApp chat for any proof.

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