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How to watch IPL live for free on Disney Plus Hotstar | Watch TATA ICC men’s T-20 World Cup 2022 for free on Disney Plus Hotstar

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In this TATA IPL season, everyone wants to watch the T-20 cricket series on the go.  But the viewers need to subscribe to the Disney Plus Hotstar package with a minimum of Rs. 399/- (VIP Plan) Or more.  There is a common question in every cricket lover’s mind, but how to watch the IPL for free on Hotstar and how to watch ICC men’s T-20 WorldCup 2022 for free on Hotstar.

Friends, people often watch Tata IPL matches on TV in their home, but many people live outside the home because of work or traveling, so they cannot able to watch IPL on TV so they prefer to watch IPL matches on their mobile. If the viewers are not subscribing to Hotstar, then they can not watch live matches. But in this article, I will tell you how you can watch  Tata IPL on Hotstar for free. yes, you can watch IPL for absolutely free if you try this method. 

How to watch IPL live for free on Hotstar

As you know if you want to watch TATA IPL matches on Disney Plus Hotstar you must be taken a subscription plan for their plans. Hotstar VIP plan starting with Rs.399/-, Hotstar Super plan starting with Rs.899/- and Disnep + Hotstar Premium plan starting with Rs.1499/-. Those plans are valid for one year and benefits are vary from plan to plan. A viewer needs to pay a minimum of Rs.399/- for watching live IPL matches. 

Friends, for watching  IPL live for free on Hotstar you need to earn 399 super coins from Flipkart. You may note that Flipkart doesn’t give any SuperCoins when you opening a Flipkart account. But there are some ways to earn free supercoins on Flipkart.


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How to earn free SuperCoin on Flipkart

There are several ways to earn supercoins on Flipkart and it is very easy. First is watching Flipkart videos, playing Flipkart games, and any product purchase on Flipkart.

  • You can earn supercoin by watching Flipkart videos and giving the correct answer which is asking on Flipkart videos. It’s super easy, just tap on the ‘watch video’ option and play the video, give the answer to asked questions and earn free Supercoins. Just simple.
  • The second method is playing games on Flipkart and earns coins.
  • The third option is purchasing any product from Flipkart.


How to activate Disney Plus Hotstar VIP subscription for free using Flipkart Super Coins?

  • When you earn the required SuperCoin from Flipkart, then log in to your Flipkart account.
  • Tap on the supercoin option / Flipkart Plus zone option 
  • Tap on the “Get Annual Subscription For Disney+ Hotstar VIP” banner
  • Click on the claim now option and copy the coupon code
  • After that, log in with the Disnep+ Hotstar application 
  • Select Rs.399 VIP plan and enter the coupon code and complete the process. After a successful transaction, you will get one year Disney+ Hotstar VIP free subscription.
  • Now you can watch Live IPL T-20 final matches for free on Hotstar.


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Benefits of Desinep Plus Hotstar VIP subscription

  • Watch all content like movies, live sports, TV, Specials exclusive movies.
  • Watch on Mobile, TV or LAptop.
  • Watch content on a single screen at a time
  • 720p Maximum video quality

If you go for a higher plan you can enjoy more benefit offers from Disney+ Hotstar


In this post, I am giving you an idea about how to watch the IPL for free on Hotstar, and how to earn “SuperCoin on Flipkart”. You can also watch the Tata ICC men’s T-20 WorldCup 2022 for free on Disney Plus Hotstar. Except for this, you can enjoy Hotstar released movies for free. 


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