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How to invest in US stocks through INDmoney App | INDmoney: Is this the best App for foreign investment?

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INDMoney investment App Review: Most Reliable Finance and Investment Apps in India

INDmoney investment app is a perfect and recommended app while you want to invest in the United States of America share market listed stocks (U.S Listed Stocks) like  Google’s parent company Alphabet,  Microsoft, Apple, Tesla, Facebook, Netflix, etc. Investing in us stocks from India is super easy now. this is an Indian startup company. INDmoney, an app that helps users manage money across investments, loans, taxes, and expenses through a single platform. 

INDMoney’s app helps customers organize their investments, income, loans, and other expenses and uses its robo-advisory engine to advise customers on how to optimise their returns better. Its customers are largely in the 25 to 45 age group. The startup’s Founder and CEO Ashish Kashyap, who previously founded travel platform Goibibo said most of its current customers have been on-boarded word of mouth, unlike start-ups that typically have to spend significant sums on customer acquisition.

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Why should you invest in US Stock?

  • Generally, US-listed stocks are more profitable than Indian stocks, and alternatively, if you invest in US-based stock it can diversify your portfolio.
  • If you compare Nifty and NASDAQ with ten years of Stock market data, you will notice that NASDAQ growth is higher than Nifty.
  • Indian Stock market Nifty grows 200% to  250% within ten years whereas US stock market NASDAQ grows up to 500% within 10 years. 
  • As you know US Dollar is strong than the Indian currency and that’s why you will get more profit while you Sold Stocks and exchange your earning from Dollar to Rupee.
Why should you invest through INDMoney App
Why should you invest through INDMoney App

Why should you invest through INDMoney App?

  • If you invest in US stocks through Ind money, you can buy fractional shares using INDMoney.
  • INDMoney does not levy any Fee, Commission, or brokerage charge for trading.
  • You can also make Fixed deposits and also invest in Mutual funds
  • Get 1% extra on direct Mutual funds on INDMoney than regular Mutual funds
  • Track and Grow your net worth
  • INDMoney is registered under SEBI
  • You can check the free CIBIL score
  • 0% Fund transfer and account opening fees

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Example of buying in fractional share: 

Assume that, Apple.Inc stocks are trading in 150 US dollars/Per stock in the NASDAQ and you have only 50 US dollars, then you cant buy Apple shares. But if you trade through INDMoney App you can buy share worth $50.  Also, read: RBI to launch UPI based payment system for feature phone users | UPI-based payment products to be launched for keypad phone.

How to Invest in US Stocks from India

  • Download the INDMoney app from Google Playstore or Apple’s App store
  • Login with your Mobile number and follow the onscreen steps and create your free account by entering your Name and Email address.
  • Enable the Auto tracker option to help you to track your investment, credit card payments, and loans for you.
  • Enter your PAN, Aadhar, and bank account details for transactions that are necessary as per Law (KYC).

How to open account in Indmoney app

  • Follow on-screen message to verify account
  • Go to Manage, add your bank account  and do basic KYC for US stocks
  • After your successful verification, you can add Money to INDmoney Wallet.
  • It takes one to three days to exchange Indian currency to US dollar and shows you the exchanged amount in its app.
  • After Successful conversion, you can buy US stocks 


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How to buy the US stocks from India through INDMoney App

After Successfully adding money in IND money wallet

  • Search US Stocks by name or click on the desired US stocks below the manage option
  • Tap on buy and enter the investment amount 
  • Then Tap on “ Place buy order “

If the US stock market is open you can purchase stock within some time, if the market is closed then your order will be successfully queued. After the US stock market opens your purchase order will be complete and you will find your purchase stocks, you will also get the notification about your stock purchase in the app or Email.


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How to Sell US stocks through INDMoney App

Selling your US stocks through INDMoney App is very simple. Just follow the steps

  • Go to manage option
  • Select your share/stocks whom you want to sell
  • Tap on Sell (Select stocks  quantity or amount if necessary)
  • After successfully placing your sell order, it takes few days to credit your amount to your bank account after the exchange in rupee. 


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