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Instagram Video Selfies for Identity Verification is slowly rolling out | This new upcoming feature will remove fake users from Instagram

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Instagram new identity verification feature

Instagram users may need to verify their accounts through video selfies. Recently Facebook change its parent company name Meta and keep all its services and applications under Meta.

This photo-sharing platform recently tested a monthly subscription plan and this video-based verification process news confirms that in the near future Meta will bring several changes to their platform.

As per a shared screenshot by the social media consultant Matt Navara, The new video selfie identity verification process will help Instagram understand if the user is a real person or not. Instagram is now started asking some users for video selfies for identity verification. This process is in the beta testing phase. Instagram aims to remove the number of fake profiles and spam accounts from its platform.


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Instagram video selfies verification process

Instagram also promises that this new video identity verification process will help Instagram understand if a certain user is a real person or not. You may verify your Instagram identity by turning your head in different directions just like your phone face id verifications. Officials of this social media platform also promise that these video selfies will not be stored in the backend and will be automatically deleted in 30 days.

Instagram also clarifies that “We need a short video of turning your head in different directions. This helps us confirm that you’re a real person and confirm your identity and the identity verification video selfies that you will upload will never be shown on Instagram. The report also said that the company is promising it will not collect biometric data nor use the company’s face recognition technology.


instagram verification process
Twitter credit: @Matt Navarra


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As per the XDA Developers, last year Instagram also tried this similar type of video selfie verification method to identify fake accounts and later stop this identity verification process after some technical issues. However, it seems that the previous technical issues are resolved now and this feature is now available for a lot of users.

As per the report, Instagram is not asking everyone (existing accounts) for a video selfie verification. But the new accounts are reportedly getting a popup notification to verify their identity via a short selfie video clip. Later we will see that,  how effective this video selfie verification process is to prevent fake users on Instagram. Meta maybe apply this verification process for Facebook and its subsidiaries after successfully implemented in Instagram.


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