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Jio Phone Next | Jio Phone Next Price and Specifications | Jio Phone Next Launch Date In India

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In the past, Reliance has also revealed its cheap and affordable phones for Indian customers. This year Reliance also announces “ Jio Phone Next ” at 44th AGM (Annual General Meeting). This is a 4G enabled phone.  As per reports Jio Phone Next price and Specifications will be more affordable as per specifications. Mukesh Ambani informs the Jio Phone Next launch date in AGM.

Welcome Jio phone Next
Image Credit : Google India

 On this occasion of AGM (Annual General Meeting), Chairman Sri Mukesh Ambani announces cheap and affordable Jio phone.  In this meeting, Mr. Ambani added few lines about Jio’s new phone. He said that “ Jio phone next will be an ultra-affordable phone in India”.

As per Mr. Ambani “After launching of Jio phone Next India will be a 2G free country”. Indian people who have not connected with the internet, those people will be accessing the internet through Jio phone Next.

Reliance 24th AGM 2021
Image credit: Reliance

This time Reliance Jio makes a partnership with Google. Google‘s latest Android OS will be run on Jio phone Next. Google create a customize Android for this Phone.

You know very well that  Jio commercially rollout its 4G services in India on 5th  September 2016 and gives free internet to Indian people, and brings digital evolution to the Indian telecom industry. After that data consumption goes high in India.  With  Jio 4G India gets free 4G internet country-wide and the digital world boost up.

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Jio Phone Next full view
Image credit -Google

Jio Phone Next Specifications



Hardware Specification


Jio phone Next  Specifications

Brand Jio
Model Phone Next
Form factor Plastic  frame
Display Touchscreen Yes
Software Operating system Android 11 Go Edition
Connectivity Wi-Fi Yes
Bluetooth Yes 5.0
Number of SIMs 2
Sim 1 SIM Type Nano-SIM
3G Yes
4G/ LTE Yes
Supports 4G in India Yes
Sim 2 SIM Type Nano-SIM
3G Yes
4G/ LTE Yes
Supports 4G in India Yes
Camera Rear camera Yes, 13MP OmniVision Rear Camera
Front camera Yes, 8MP Selfie
Battery Not  revealed Yes
Sound Loudspeaker Yes
3.5 headphone jack yes
Memory Card slot Available
Internal storage Available
Ram 4 GB Yes
Sensors Proximity sensor Yes
Accelerometer Yes


Processor  Yes Qualcomm Snapdragon 215
Display  HD display  1440×720 pixel


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Jio Phone Lunch Date In India

Reliance chairman Mr. Mukesh Ambani announced that Jio Phone next will be lunch on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi i.e 24th September 2021. It will be available in the Jio stores and the online stores.

Mukesh Ambani on Jio Phone Next

According to Mr. Ambani, Jio Phone Next is an Ultra affordable phone with cutting-edge features. Jio phone users can access all the applications and services of Google. He also added that this phone will be the world’s best affordable smartphone.

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Jio Phone Next features

Jio company has reviled some features with collaborating with Google, and those are the features which will be pre-installed in this phone:-
❖ In Jio Phone next Google will provide a customized android OS.
❖ Phone support Google’s voice assistant
❖ Text on display can automatically read loudly
❖ It supported Google lens features
❖ This phone has auto HDR supported
❖ Google’s night mode options also included
❖ Low Light photography
❖ Snapchat lenses
❖ Google Add customized Augmented Reality (AR) software for Jio Phone Next

jio phone next specification
Image Credit – Google India
jio phone next night mode
Image Credit: Google India

Jio Phone Next Snapchat lenses

Google Added Snapchat lenses for unleashing users’ creativity & add a unique twist to your photos and videos. This feature is integrated directly into your camera.

Augmented Reality (AR) features Jio Phone Next

Google added Augmented Reality (AR) In Jio Phone Next, due to this users can experience Augmented Reality features in this phone. Users can add filters and skins to their photos just like Snapchat.

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Mr.Sundar Pichai, CEO of Alphabet and Google on Reliance AGM

Mr.Sundar Pichai, CEO of Alphabet and Google, is also mentioned in his statement that, he is happy with the partnership with JIO and through this phone, lots of people are 1st-time use internet in India. Through this users of India will get new Possibilities and experiences on the internet. Google also said that in the future Google will make an affordable and useful smartphone for Indian consumers.
He also said that a dedicated team wonk on Jio Phone Next to create a better customized and updated Android OS. Jio phone Next will run on the latest Android OS.

Jio’s 5G network Announcement 

Reliance chairman Mr. Mukesh Ambani announced that Jio will lunch the first 5G network in India. Now Jio working with homegrown network equipment manufacture for testing Jio 5G network. Jio will lunch the Jio 5G network in pan India in the 3rd quarter of 2022. Jio works with Google Cloud’s cutting-edge technology. After launching of Jio 5G network Jio will lunch Jio 5G phone at the same time.

Mr.Sundar Pichai announces about Jio 5G network on Twitter

He tweets that “ Excited to announce the next steps in our partnership with Reliance Jio to accelerate India’s digitization, starting with a new affordable Jio smartphone with an optimized Android experience, and a 5G collaboration between Jio & Google Cloud “

Sundar Pichai Tweet about Jio
Image Credit – Sundar Pichai


It’s assumed that Jio Phone Next will be in every Indian’s pocket after launch,  as per rumored features and specifications it will beat other low variant smartphone brands.

As per Mr.Mukesh Ambani’s announcement, Jio will again disrupt India’s telecom sector with Jio 5G network after collaborating with Google, Jio maybe beats his competitor in the telecom and smartphone sector.


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