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Reliance Jio Satellite Internet Service coming to India | Jio Satellite Internet Service launch date , Price , How it works?

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Jio Satellite v/s Tesla Space x

Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance JIO has announced a satellite internet service company after making a partnership with SES S.A which is a Luxembourgish satellite and terrestrial telecommunications network provider. In Jio satellite internet service company, Reliance JIO acquires fifty-one percent (51%) of equity and SES acquires 49 percent equity in Jio Space Technology Limited. Both of the companies announced a new partnered company called Jio Space Technology.

Recently, Tesla’s Space X entered in Indian broadband market to provide satellite internet in India and especially in Rural India. Tesla recently hired a new CEO for India and started its India office. Space X also apply for a license near the Department of Telecommunication (DoT) to provide internet service.

How does Jio Satellite Internet Service work?

Jio Space Technology will give tough competition to Space X in the broadband sector. Jio will provide a high-speed broadband network directly from satellite just like SpaceX provided. Jio Space Technology will use multi-orbit space network to provide internet service. Geostationary orbit (GEO) and Medium Third Orbit (MEO) satellites are used for this newly formed company.

The company will provide its internet service to India along with neighboring countries. This broadband service will use for commercial, non-commercial, and for providing mobile services. SES will provide 100 GBPS multi-gigabit links speed internet to its users and Jio will sell Internet service through its strong marketing network chain. 

Jio will develop and deploy a large number of satellite network gateway ( Network receiver, router, etc.) for providing service in India. In a few months, Jio will purchase satellite network gateway worth 100 million dollars. In this joint venture, SES will provide internet service using its advanced satellite, and Jio will manage the network gateway and provide service to consumers.

As per the report, The venture will primarily be focused on providing its services to Indian customers alongside a few international aeronautical and maritime clientele who will be offered services by SES.

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As per the report, “The joint venture will make use of SES-12  the company’s high-throughput GEO satellite that’s currently serving India as well as W3b mPOWER, SES’s next-gen MEO constellation to help widen Jio’s terrestrial network.”

Director of Jio limited Mr. Akash Ambani quoted that “While we continue to expand our fiber-based connectivity and FTTH business and invest in 5G, this new joint venture with SES will further accelerate the growth of multigigabit broadband. With additional coverage and capacity offered by satellite communications services, Jio will be able to connect the remotest towns and villages, enterprises, government establishments, and consumers to the new Digital India. We are excited about this new journey combining our massive reach and customer base with SES’s innovative leadership and expertise in the satellite industry.”

Similarly, CEO of SES Mr. Steve Collar said that “This joint venture with JPL is a great example of how SES can complement even the most extensive terrestrial networks to deliver high-quality connectivity, and positively affect the lives of hundreds of millions of people. We look forward to this joint venture whereby we can play a role in promoting digital inclusion in India.” 

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Jio Satellite Internet Service Launch date, Price

Jio Satellite Internet Service’s launch date in India may be in next year. As you know Jio’s pricing strategy is always very aggressive, so it may be launched at the nearly same price, just like regular fiber broadband price. You will need to purchase a satellite link receiver gateway additionally and it will be similar to SpaceX. Both the companies are share detailed statements on their social media handle.

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