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Top four Move OS 2.0 Beta Features for OLA S1 Pro | Move OS 2.0 Public Rollout date

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Move OS 2.0 Features

OLA electric was started its Move OS 2.0 beta testing in Bangalore, where some OLA S1 Pro customers invited to enjoy the latest functionality of Move OS 2.0. The company installed Move OS 2.0 beta in the invited customer’s scooter, after installing Move OS 2.0 some useful features like navigation, Music, Cruise control, and Eco mode were enabled in the invited customer’s scooter as well as OLA Electric launch its native mobile application with few features.

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Credit: OLA

OLA Electric Mobile Application

The company launched Android and iOS applications named OLA Electric on app stores. The below features are available in OLA Electric mobile application.

  • Its user can Lock and Unlock OLA S1 Pro directly from their mobile phone
  • Its user can Unlock the OLA S1 Pro trunk directly from their mobile phone
  • A rider can listen to their favorite music on OLA via smartphone 
  • A rider can track charging percentage, Kilometers covered, charging notification, Scooter lock and unlock notifications
  • This application connects with the scooter via Bluetooth

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Features available in OLA S1 Pro Scooter

  • A major feature of OLA S1 Pro is the Navigation feature. Map my India navigation feature is enabled in the scooter. As per the report within two years company launch its own navigation system for OLA scooters and OLA Cab.
  • Many places are unavailable in the Map My India application, You may manually set the route by dragging the map.
  • Now, Cruise control is available on Scooter and riders can activate cruise control between 20km to 80km speed limit by pressing the reverse switch.
  • Music control is available on scooters
  • Due to Move OS 2.0, a new Eco mode is now available on the OLA scooter. A rider can go up to 165 KM by using Eco mode and its speed will be limited to 45 Kmph.

Some features are not available yet in the Move OS 2. Below are the features which are available soon.

  • Calling function on Scooter
  • Hill hold option
  • Mood light and creating an individual rider’s profile 
  • Proximity lock and unlock for OLA Scooter
  • Fast charging facility and Scooter accessories  

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Wrapping UP

OLA electric scooter fate now seems uncertain, after the exit of some top officials. OLA’s promise to fulfill its services and feature will be difficult. We are waiting for the Move OS 2.0 public rollout but as per the report full functional Move OS 2.0 will be available in Mid July. In Bangalore meetup OLA electric CEO Mr. Bhavesh Agrawal Move OS 2 will roll out in a phased manner after completing three beta stages. As per the previous report published on  old VCU of December, January and February batches will be replaced soon.  Follow our social media handle to know more about  Move OS 2.0 and VCU change Procedure.

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