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What is VCU and why is Move OS 2.0 OTA update getting delayed? | Trick to Solve range drop issues in OLA S1 Pro

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OLA Electric faces somany backlash for its poor services. A month back, OLA  S1 Pro Scooter catches fire on the road, and after that OLA started its internal investigation, and still their so-called investigation going on. Now a new problem arises with OLA scooters. At the launch event of  OLA S1 PRO, the company was showcased the smart features of the OLA scooter. But to date company failed to provide that feature on their Scooter. Lots of people cancel their scooter bookings due to OLA’s poor service. OLA S1 Pro customers repeatedly ask about the MOVE OS 2.0 update but OLA CEO Mr. Bhavish Aggarwal ignores their question and repeatedly gives the same answer “ It’s almost there  Be patient, The real fun is yet to begin after Move OS 2.0 “. OLA electric Chief Marketing Officer Mr. Varun Dubey reply to a customer about Move OS 2.0. He said that “ We are at the final stage of rolling out the new OS. Few VCU’s of the scooters will be replaced & you will be communicated by your dedicated brand champion very soon”. 

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OLA S1 PRO specifications, OLA electric Scooter
OLA S1 PRO specifications image credit- OLA

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What is VCU and why is Move OS 2.0 OTA update getting delayed?

VCU stands for Vehicle Control Unit. VCU is required to control an electric vehicle or a smart vehicle. Electric vehicle-related software is installed on VCU to operate vehicles. In the OLA case, they install a black VCU which is unsupported for Move OS 2.0. Now OLA electric needs to replace all the unsupported black VCUs and will install the latest white VCUs which will support Move OS 2.0. As per the report all the OLA S1 Pro scooter which was produced in the month of December, January, and February need to replace their old VCU’s. As per Chief Marketing Officer Mr. Varun Dubey, replacement of VCU will be absolutely done free of charge. 

As per the report, OLA service personnel will come to your home for replacing VCU and installing Move OS 2.0. That means OLA electric’s promise to release Move OS 2.0 by end of April will be delayed and due to the delay in Move Os 2.0 release, frustrations of customers are a headache for the company.

Credit: OLA

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How to solve the OLA S1 Pro range drop issue

Many people get range drop issues in their OLA S1 Pro, then how to solve range drop issues on OLA S1 Pro. Here are some tips. (Source Ola owners Club, India)

  • New deliveries should charge for 12 hours straight after delivery before using the scooter irrespective of what percentage SOC the scooter has at the time of delivery. This initiates the primary balancing cycle.
  • Consequent 5-6 charges need to be utilised to completely balance your battery pack and individual cell voltages. i.e charging till the green light
  • Cell balancing is a common practice in EVS and is not specific to the S1, even EV cars need it. However, the difference with car batteries is they have much more advanced BMS and a higher number of cells so if a few of them are not balanced, the overall output of the battery pack does not get affected that much. Post the initial 5-6 cycles, one cell balancing charge may be repeated every 1000-1200 km i.e.10-12 cycles to keep the cells balanced always.
  • If you still face range drop issues after following the above tips, you must visit the service center for cell balancing. They simply your battery packs through their native app and it takes 5 to 10 minutes.

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Move OS 2.0 feature

OLA electric MoveOS 2.0 has some Key features: By using OLA S1 Pro native application users can start the S1 Pro scooter through its companion mobile app, open and close trunk, navigation (Map my India ), companion app, cruise control, Bluetooth support for Music and Calls lots of performance improvements, Proximity sensor lock and unlock, and more. We assumed that Move OS 2.0 launch date will be delayed and it may be available in mid-May or in June after the replacement of the old VCU. Follow our social media hanel to know more about Move OS 2.0 release date and installation procedure.

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