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OLA S1 Pro Vs Simple One E-Scooter detail Comparison : Battery , Range , Price

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Recently, OLA electric and Simple energy electric vehicle company launch their e-vehicles in the Indian market called OLA S1, OLA S1 Pro, and Simple One scooter respectively. Those e- scooters come with lots of features that are beneficial for riders. OLA electric’s OLA S1 and OLA S1 Pro are rebranded versions of the Dutch electric vehicle Etergo scooter whereas the Simple one is a homemade e-scooter. In this article, we will compare both vehicles based on their feature and functionality.  Also, read: OLA Electric Scooter Delivery Date Postpones Again | OLA Scooter Deliveries Slated To Mid-December Amid Global Chip Shortage.

OLA S1 Pro feature Vs Simple One e scooter feature

Both e- scooters are fitted with LED lights and a seven-inch touch display. Lots of futuristic functionalities are included in both e-scooters. OLA e-scooter has a 1.8 GHz octa-core processor with 3GB onboard RAM, Simple One does not disclose its processor and RAM features yet but Simple has also those features. Both E-Scooters are support Bluetooth, LTE, GPS, WiFi, calling feature, Music player functions, etc. The Simple one has file storage capacity in it which is But one step ahead of OLA. Both e-Scooter supports OTA updates, geofencing, and track your vehicle features.

Simple One Specifications
Simple One Specifications image credit: Simple energy


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OLA S1 Pro  Vs Simple One e-scooter Renge, Battery 

In terms of mileage, the Simple One e scooter is a better performer than OLA S1 Pro. Simple One e-scooter can cover 236 km on a single charge whereas OLA S1 Pro only covers 181 km on a single charge. 

The top speed of the OLA Scooter is 115 km/h whereas Simple One top speed is 105 km/h. The Simple one has a 4.8 kWh two lithium-ion battery option where one battery is fixed and another one is removable but the OLA e-scooter has a 3.97kWh fixed lithium-ion battery. 

One big plus point of Simple One is the removable battery, the user can charge the removable battery inside of home/office if the charging point is not available near the parking area. 

Simple One removable battery
Simple One removable battery image credit: Simple energy

The OLA e-scooter takes 6 hours 5 minutes and the Simple e-scooter takes more time than OLA due to a 4.8 kWh big battery. Simple energy only mentions that Its fixed battery takes up to 2.75 hours to charge 80 percent while its removable battery takes only 75 minutes to charge 80 percent of the battery.

Both e-scooters are supported fast charging technology, OLA electric claims that if users charge just 18 minutes through an OLA’s fast charger it can run 75km range.


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OLA S1 Pro  Vs Simple One e-scooter Powertrain

OLA S1 Pro uses an advanced magnet 8.5kW motor that generates 58Nm torque and The Simple One uses a 7kW motor that generates 72Nm torque. This Simple e-scooter can reach 0 to 40 kmph in 2.95 seconds and OLA S1 Pro takes 3 seconds to achieve 0-40 Kmph and 0-60 Kmph in 5 seconds. Based on acceleration, Simple One is a winner.

OLA S1 PRO specifications
OLA S1 PRO specifications image credit- OLA
Simple One e-scooter Vs OLA S1 Pro 
Descriptions Simple One OLA S1 Pro
Body /Chassis Tubular underbone Tubular
Motor Motor Mid-drive IPM 8500 w
Processor / RAM Yes 1.8 GHz Processor & 3 GB RAM
Battery Capacity 4.8 kWh lithium-ion battery 

(One fixed + one removal)

3.97kWh lithium-ion battery
Charging time 80 percent charge in 2.75 hours 6 hours 5 minutes
Fast charging Yes, 75km range in just 18 minutes of charge Yes
Digital Screen Yes, 7-inch multi-touch digital screen
Charging point Yes Yes
Mobile Connectivity Yes, GPS Yes, the calling feature, GPS
Range 236 km  181 km.
Max Torque 58Nm 72Nm
Breaks ( Front/Rear) Disk breaks Disk breaks
Braking type CBS CBS
Lights Yes, All LED lights
Wheels  12-inch alloy wheels with Tubeless tyres Alloy wheels with Tubeless tyres
Top speed 105 kmph 115 kmph
Acceleration 0 to 40 kmph in 2.95 seconds 0-40 Kmph in 3s & 0-60 Kmph in 5s
Prices Rs. 1,09,999 Rs.129,999

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OLA S1 Pro  Vs Simple One e-scooter Price

The price of the OLA S1 pro is  Rs.1,29,999 (Without subsidy) whereas the price of the Simple One e- scooter is  Rs.1,09,999 (including the latest FAME-II subsidies). Electric vehicles prices differ from state to state according to State Government subsidies. If you compare based on price Simple One may be the least than OLA (Without Subsidy). EMI options are available by banks for these vehicles.

Image credit: OLA


In the above comparison, you know the difference between the OLA S1 Pro  Vs Simple One e-scooter. Those are best according to their perspective. If you consider maximum range Simple One will be the preferred choice for providing a long-range in a battery-powered scooter. And other features are similar to each other.

OLA electric and Simple energy will be delivering their Scooters directly. Both of company will not appoint any dealer for selling their vehicle. 1st time in India two-wheelers will be directly delivered to the customer’s door. Thanks for reading if you have any questions please ask I will answer them.

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