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RBI to launch UPI based payment system for feature phone users | UPI-based payment products to be launched for keypad phone

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UPI Payment Without Internet?

RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das recently announced to launch of a UPI-based payment option for feature phone users. On Wednesday RBI Governor chaired a high-level meeting with officials and take an initiative to make the process of small-value transactions simpler and seamless. As you know since 2014, UPI  payments (Unified Payments Interface) take a major role in the growth of the Indian economy. Also, read:  How to Earn money from BHIM App? : BHIM App Registration, Send Money, and Receive Money.

As per the Telecom department, there are approximately 118 crore mobile phone users are in India out of which a minimum of 74 crores have smartphones and the rest have a normal feature phone. That’s why RBI wants to reach those simple phone users so that, they are being a part of the digital payment revolution. Also,read: What is e-RUPI : e-RUPI Digital Payment, How does it work.

How does UPI without internet works?

Now,  Keypad phone users have limited access to new payment products. Nowadays feature phones have NUUP (National Unified USSD Platform) as an option for basic payment services. Feature phone users can use the shortcode of *99#, the same has not picked up. To strengthen the financial penetration, it is important to bring feature phone users into mainstream digital payments. Also, read: PhonePe Started Charging Processing Fee For Mobile Recharges | Pay 2 rupees extra for your Mobile recharge.

How much Indian spend through UPI payments

RBI Regulatory and some innovators had successfully demonstrated that how to use UPI payments in a keypad feature phone. The main concept of UPI payment was to move towards a cashless transaction mode and boost digital adoption, especially for making low-value payments. According to the Reserve Bank of India, 50 % of the UPI transactions are under Rs 200. If RBI expanded UPI payments to feature phones, then a huge portion of Indian people can make Digital payments. Also, read: Cryptocurrency Ban in India soon, Allow RBI Digital Coin | What are Private Cryptocurrencies?

However currently, a UPI transaction needs a good internet connection, but sometimes due to network problems payments are stucks midway. But in feature phones, you can make UPI payments without an internet connection.


RBI governor Shaktikanta Das introduce for feature phone
RBI governor Shaktikanta Das introduces for feature phone


In an unofficial statement of Reserve Bank of India, they said that “It is, therefore, proposed to offer a simpler process flow by enabling small value transactions through an “On-device” wallet in UPI app which will conserve banks’ system resources, without any change in the transaction experience for the user,”.

RBI also proposed to increase the UPI limit from Rs 2 lakh to Rs 5 lakh for investing in IPOs and purchasing government bonds through the RBI Retail Direct Scheme.

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