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Tesla Model 3 India Launch Delayed | Ground Clearance Issues Puts Brakes on Tesla Model 3 Launch | Tesla Model 3 India Price 

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Tesla Model 3 electric sedan India launch

Tesla is preparing to launch its Tesla Model 3 electric sedan in the Indian car market. But some hurdles have come between Tesla and its India launch.  After testing Model 3 on Indian roads, the inspection agency found ground clearance issues on Tesla Model 3, which applies brakes on Tesla’s India launch speed. The Ground clearance of the Model 3 electric sedan is very low, due to this, it creating problems on this Electric Sedan launch.

The vehicle’s low body design does not suit the Indian roads. Recently this American EV company registered itself in Bangalore for starting an Electric   car business in the Indian market. Tesla company is testing its Model 3 and Model Y on the Indian roads for nearly two months.


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Tesla Model 3 launch delayed in India 

As per the post published on AutoCar India, that the ground clearance of the Tesla Model 3 has only 115 millimeters, just 25 mm too low for Indian roads. The company needs to increase the base height to at least 140 mm for the Model 3 to be approved for operation on India’s roads. 

Tesla was all set to launch the Model 3 first, but it seems the company may change its plan and launch the Model Y first. There are high chances that the Model 3 will rub on our speed breakers and can damage its underbody.

Tesla model 3 low ground clearance
Credit: Autocar



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Tesla Model 3  ground clearance issues

According to Autocar India, Tesla is trying to improve the height of the Model 3 by 25 mm. After extending the suggested height, the total ground clearance of the Model 3 sedan will be 165 mm which should be sufficient for our Indian roads.

IDIADA Automotive Technology reported that Model 3 bottomed out on 160 of the 200-speed breakers the testers attempted going over. So, they have recommended Tesla to re-engineer the suspension for the Indian market. 

When compared to the Model Y with the Model 3, Model Y has a ground clearance of 170 mm. So, the Model Y crossover is the better option for our Indian road conditions. The company sold 5 and 7 seater SUV in international markets.

Tesla received approval for four models in India two models from Model 3 and two models from Model Y electric car. As per the report, Tesla’s lower variant model 3  launch will be delay due to ground clearance issues.


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Elon Musk on Tesla India launch

As per the terms and conditions by the Indian Government, If Tesla company needs import duty relaxation from the Government they must be sourcing automotive components from Indian suppliers and firms.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla recently tweeted that India charged the highest import duties in the world. He indirectly appealed to the Indian Government to reduce the import duty for Tesla vehicles as they are not polluting the environment when compared to petrol and diesel-powered vehicles.

TESLA model 3 electric sedan
credit: Cartourq



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Tesla Model 3 India Price 

After Elon Musk tweet,  the Heavy Industries Ministry of India had reply to Tesla that they would need to start manufacturing or sourcing vehicle parts from vendors within India for getting any tax concessions. As of now, Tesla has not responded officially. As per the report, Tesla Model 3 Price in India will be around 60 -70 lakhs and the Tesla Model Y Price in India will around Rs 1  Crore.


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