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When TikTok Will Launch In India | TickTock Comeback Strategy to India?

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Journey of TikTok

TikTok was banned in India on dated 29th June 2020 due to a privacy policy compromise in India. Indian Government was banned other Chinese apps along with TikTok and PUBG.  After so many meetings and discussions, PUBG India rename and redesigned for Indian users, and after fulfilling Indian Government conditions it is launched as BGMI. Now rebranded TickTock registered in the country.

When TikTok Will Launch In India
When TikTok Will Launch In India

Now, Tiktok will be rebranded as a TickTock and make launched in India soon. Its parent company ByteDance has filed a trademark in the country for the same name. As you know recently PUBG mobile India is launched in India with this rebranding trick and Bytedance follow its footsteps as its strategy.

Earlier, this short video social media platform was hugely popular in India, and after facing a ban it discontinued its service in India, at this time other brands like Instagram, Facebook, Mx TakaTak, etc make similar apps and launched in India. But TickTock India Launch date has not been confirmed yet.

Launching Strategy for TickTock

On the day 6th July 2021, The parent company of this short video App, ByteDance has filed a trademark for the new TickTock. That means old TikTok will be rebranded as New TickTock and relaunched.  This is good news for Tiktokker after  Ban.


As per leaks, on social media, Bytedance company filed the new name under Class 42 of the Fourth Schedule to Trade Mark Rules, 2002, as per trademark law it can be used for “scientific and technological services and research and design relating thereto; industrial analysis and research services; design and development of computer hardware and software.”

It is not a surprise at all, several rumors are suggested that ByteDance will be bringing TikTok to India again with a new name and make a partnership with a non-Chinese company, and will be established its business in India. But there is a big worry for Bytedance is that. Before Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) launching in India Krafton which is a South Korean gaming company was broke all ties with Chinese company Tencent Games. But ByteDance is a fully Chinese company and has full rights on this app, it must be transferring its right to a non-Chinese partner before TickTock’s launch in India.

Outside India, this app has a huge fan base than other short-format video app and TikTok US has the second-largest user base after India. 

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TickTock Should follow New IT Rule 2021

TickTock will have to comply with the new IT rules 2021 and keeps all the user data in India servers. When this app was face ban in India it has around 25 crore users in India after that all its users are migrated to another short video platform and those apps are also more popular now.

Facebook’s and Instagram Reels also have captured a huge market share of the short video as well as Googles Shorts also huge fan base in India. So  ByteDance must bring some uniqueness in its TickTock app to gain its past popularity.

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New IT Rule 2021

  • Social Media should be introduced Grievance Redressal Mechanism
  • The company should be ensuring online Safety and Dignity of its Users, Especially Women Users
  • They must appoint a Chief Compliance Officer who shall be responsible for ensuring compliance with the Act and Rules, and Such a person should be a resident in India.
  • A company should Appoint a Nodal Contact Person for coordination with law enforcement agencies. Such a person shall be a resident in India.
  • Removal of Unlawful Information within 24 hours after complaining
  • The company should provide the data of the first originator for an unlawful post.
  • The Social media company should be giving users an opportunity to Be Heard
  • The social media company should publish a monthly compliance report mentioning the details of complaints received and action taken on the complaints as well as details of contents removed proactively by the significant social media intermediary.

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After following those IT Rules 2021, and change its ownership to a non-Chinese company, Bytedance aka former TikTok India can be able to relaunch its new rebranded short video app TickTock in India.

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