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TikTok Starts Testing TikTok Stories , TikTok live Feature like Rival “Instagram “

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Hello Readers, in this article we will discuss the most popular short video platform TikTok. Recently TikTok started testing Instagram-like stories feature in its app. TikTok Stories will disappear after 24 hours just like Instagram stories. These TikTok stories type features are already available on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and the Snapchat app. This Short video format app also testing the new ” TikTok Live “ feature for its users. In this article, we will discuss those new features.

TikTok stories features
TikTok stories feature Image Credit: Matt Navarra

 Matt Navarra the social media consultant, share this news on Twitter that TikTok will bring TikTok stories feature in their app. After that TikTok company has confirmed this news to The Verge. The company has started testing this feature and some selected users are now getting this feature for testing purposes.

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TikTok users can able to share their stories on the app after this feature is publicly available. This feature works just like other platform’s stories do. It is accessible by Right swipe on top of the app feed. Users can share small content by adding text, music, emoji, etc. in Tiktok stories. It will be automatically deleted after 24 hours of the post.

How to create TikTok Stories

TikTok users can create stories by clicking on the “Create button”. After tap on the “Create” option, they can record video and add some text, music to it to make TikTok Stories attractive. After sharing the stories, their followers can like, comment on them and after 24 hours, it will be automatically deleted.

Users of the app can go to the creator’s profiles and watch stories posted in 24 hours. Creators can only upload videos in TikTok stories.

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TikTok stories new features
TikTok stories new features Image Credit: Matt Navarra

A spokesperson of TikTok shares a statement with The Verge that “they always trying to add some quality and best features in their app which gives more value and best experience to Tiktok users. Currently, the TikTok platform experimenting with a new feature that gives the creators an additional format to show their creativity”.

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TikTok Stories release date

Firstly, this stories format was debut on Snapchat in 2013, and after that several social media companies are including this feature in their app with different names. Companies that clone these features in their apps are Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter. As you know Twitter removed permanently its short story format feature called fleet from their app on 3rd August 2021.

Upcoming TikTok stories
TikTok stories Image Credit: Matt Navarra

TikTok stories feature is available for some users for beta testing purposes. After completion of beta testing, it will be available for all its users. The release date of this feature has not been declared by the company yet. Hope in last quarter company may rollout this features for all its users. Expert says through this story feature company should attract more users. 

TikTok Live

The short video app started testing its news feature “TikTok Live” with some selected users in the selected country. Now creators can host a live event through the TikTok Live option. Musicians and artists will be benefited to reach to their audience through this option. By following those steps they can start live streaming.

  • Tap on “Create an Event”
  • Set Live stream Event Name 
  • Schedule your event start time or end time
  • Write a short description about “TikTok Live”
  • Click on the Go Live option.

It has also an additional feature called Picture-in-Picture mode for both android and iOS users. Picture-in-Picture mode helps the audience seamlessly enjoying live video without obstruction across their device. If the audience does some other stuff on their device they can activate Picture-in-Picture mode by clicking back bottom and watch or listen live stream playing on a minimal screen.


As you know, the company is trying to re-enter the Indian market that’s why TikTok company registers itself with a different name in India. In India, the company may launch TikTok as TickTock, with this new TikTok stories and live stream feature.

Thanks for reading this article to the last. Comment your query below, I will answer it.

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