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Top 10 Features of Windows 11 | How to Download Windows 11 ISO File

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Do you want to know the top 10 features of Windows 11 After waiting for a long time now Microsoft has announced a brand new OS i.e Windows 11 which is the successor of Microsoft Windows 10. Windows 10 launched back in 2015. While Windows 11 is currently under beta, it will take some time for Microsoft to push the stable update later this year for its user.

Top 10 Features of Windows 11 Microsoft office - IT Sambad
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In this article, you know the top 10 features of Windows 11 and how to download Windows 11 ISO files in the system. This time Microsoft makes some amazing work in Windows 11. Microsoft revamped its Windows OS and gives a new and refreshing look to Windows 11. In Windows 11 Microsoft rearranges its start menu and keeps it in center alignment. In the centralized taskbar, you get an inbuilt Microsoft-edge, file explorer and shutdown button, etc.

Top 10 Features of Windows 11windows widgets- IT sambad
Creative Commons licenses Microsoft

Microsoft also gives an option for users to rearrange the taskbar if the user doesn’t want to use this centralized taskbar. Microsoft has also added dedicated search bottom in windows, through which users can search apps and setting they want.

If you use Windows 10 Operating System, you can get a free update to Windows 11 Operating System, which is good news for windows 10 users. But a minimum hardware requirement will be needed if you want to run Windows 11 OS.

We have compiled the features of Windows 11 and shortlisted some amazing features for you so that you know what Microsoft delivers to its end users. But before that, you do a windows 11 compatibility check with the PC health checkup tool.

Windows 11 system requirements - IT sambad
Image credit – Microsoft


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Windows 11 System Requirements 

You can download the Windows 11 system requirements tool app from the Microsoft website that analysis your system compatibility.



Processor Minimum 1 GHz dual-core processor with 64-bit architecture  or  System On a Chip (SoC)
Ram Minimum 4 GB
Storage space Minimum 64 GB
Graphics card Compatible with DirectX 12 or later with WDDM 2.0 driver
Display More than 9” with High definition Resolution
TPM (Trusted Platform Module) Version 1.2 or Newer


Windows 11 Lunch Date and Price?

You all want to know the Windows 11 Lunch Date and Price,  but now Windows 11 is in the Beta testing stage and takes a few months for its final release. As per Microsoft Windows 11 Operating System will be available for users end of this year or 1st Qtr of 2022.
Windows 11 will be free for those who use Original / Genuine Windows 10 OS. Piracy users are not eligible for free Windows 11 updates. Windows 11 will come to market with Laptops and Desktops in 2022 Q1. Users will also purchase Windows 11 OS directly from Microsoft’s website.

Top 10 features of Windows 11 Operating System 

  •  In Windows 11 Operating System, the taskbar was originally placed at the center but the user can re-arrange the taskbar as the previous OS. Microsoft gives an option for it.
Image credit – Microsoft – IT Sambad
  • Windows 11 Operating System allows its users to multi-tasking. Users will be benefited with help of the multi-tasking features for smooth multitasking, Microsoft adds Snap layouts tools. Users can open multiple windows on the same screen with help of Snap layout tools. Due to this in this features user experience will be improved.
  • In Windows 11 Microsoft adds an inbuilt Microsoft Teams video calling app in a centralized taskbar. Due to that video calling will be easy for users. It reminds you about Apple’s “FaceTime” a competitor of Microsoft teams.

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Windows 11 supports Android Apps

  • Microsoft revamped and redesign its app store. In the Windows 11 app store, you don’t believe that Windows 11 supports Android Apps. Microsoft added Amazon AppStore and included Android Apps that means users can download and run Android apps on their computers. Just thrilled to know that amazing news.
Image credit – Microsoft

It’s a combination of Windows apps store and Android apps store where both apps are available for users. users can download Disney+, Tiktok, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Uber, Kindle app, etc.

Windows 11 Optimized for Games.

  • In Windows 11 OS Microsoft keep eye on the Gamers Community. That’s why Windows 11 is optimized for games. Windows 11 OS supports DirectX 12 Ultimate which is best for games. Due to DirectX 12 players will get high Graphics High Frame Rates.
gaming on windows 11 - IT SAMBAD
Image credit – Microsoft
  • In Windows 11  Microsoft adds a great option, which is that players can load games faster than ever. In this feature, the players can load games direct from GPU which makes the game loading fast. In Windows 11 Microsoft integrates its native Xbox gaming App that’s why Xbox player can play their game from PC.  According to Microsoft Xbox users can play100 High-Quality games.

Customized And Personalized  Widgets in Windows 11

  • According to Microsoft Official, in Windows 11 users will get Updated Widgets. it’s fully customizable. Users can set widgets according to their needs. They can set News, Weather, Calendar,
windows 11 widgets - it samabad
Image Credit – Microsoft
  • To-Do List, Recent Photos, etc. users can apply full-screen options for selected widgets. when users come to start their works those full-screen widgets automatically disappear and users cant notice. Users can Add, Edit & Remove the widgets as per their needs. this facility was absent in Windows 10. it’s a great option for users.            

Sound & Notification

  • In Windows 11 Operating System Microsoft also added new sounds and notifications. it is different from the previous Windows 10 OS. You can hear new booting (starting) and shutdown sound which you love to hear.

Wallpapers & Theme

  • In Windows 11 Microsoft integrated some amazing wallpaper and themes which is beautifully cover your desktop screen. You also customize this wallpaper.

How to Download Windows 11  ISO File

  • Friends, for downloading/updating Windows 11 OS ISO files, First, Go to Microsoft Website (i.e You will see Windows 11 banner and click on learn more. Now click on the “Download App” option below the Check Compatibility option. then an app automatically downloaded.

Windows 11 get ready pic - it sambad

Image credit – Microsoft

  • After that install this Software on your PC.
windows 11 install software - it sambad
Image credit: Microsoft
  • Keep tick mark on open windows PC health check and click on finish.
pc health checkup - IT sambad
Image Credit : Microsoft
  • After that, you will get this type of screen, where you can check the compatibility of your computer’s hardware. If your computer is compatible you can download the Windows 11 ISO file or update it.
Windows 11 PC health at a glance -IT Sambad
Image credit: Microsoft
Windows 11 this pc cant run -IT Sambad
Image credit : Microsoft
  • If your system not supporting Windows 11, you will get this type of popUp screen “ This Pc cants run Windows “ and the detailed structure of your PC you can get through this app.

Now, I think you get the proper idea about, how to update from Windows 10 OS. If your PC’s fulfill the system requirement you can download Windows 11 by following the above steps.


Wrapping Up

Finally, you know the top 8 features of Windows 11  and the procedure of downloading Windows 11 ISO files or update your system. In our view, this OS may be competing with MacOS after the final release. through this Operating System, users will get the best experience and user-friendly Operating System. day by day developers makes new apps that will be compatibles with this OS. As per the source, in 2024 Microsoft will be end official support for Windows 10 Operating System.

Thanks for reading this article.

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