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What is Digital signature? | How to create a digital signature in 2021

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What is DSC?

Do you know that what is digital signature is? and how it is functions to validate your online documents. it is the right place to solve your query. In this article, I will give you detailed information about digital signatures. So read this article to the last. This article will help you to solve your query.

The Digital signature certificate is used to verify the authenticity. This signature is written in the mathematical technique and E-signature is equivalent to a handwritten signature or stamped seal, It helps to increase digital security, due to this digital security, it prevents tampering and impersonation in digital documentation. It is also called DSC in short form that means “Digital Signature Certificate”.

How do digital signatures work
How do digital signatures work

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This E-signature is used to confirm identity, the origin of electronic documents status, online money transactions, and digital messages. By using this method Signer of the document acknowledges its consent for the online documentation process.

In India, the United States of America, and in other countries use of digital signatures is compulsory. It is considered as legal signature or consent like a traditional method. It comes in a physical Pendrive format.

How do digital signatures work?

Digital signature certificates are developed with public-key cryptography. It is also known as asymmetric cryptography. By using public-key algorithms like Rivest-Shamir-Adleman (RSA), the System is generated two digital keys which are linked with each other based on mathematic techniques. These pairs of keys are called Private and Public keys respectively.

This E-signature authentication process is started when the signer confirms its authenticity by using the public key. one individual user encrypts his private data by using the public key, and the only way to decrypt the stored signer data is its public key. Without the DSC key, he will not able to decrypt the signer data.

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How to verify a digital signature

First, you should be a valid physical digital signature key. To verify E-signature you need to install the em-signer on your computer. When a popup window asking to verify your identity by using the digital signature certificate, then plug your DSC Pendrive into the computer and enter your DSC password and click on verify. This private key is used to authenticate the legal owner of the document. 

How to verify a digital signature
How to verify a digital signature

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How to create digital signature online

To create digital signature online you need to log in to a valid DSC provider website. Who got licensed for providing DSC. E-mudra is a certified site for DSC services.

  • Enter your correct entity on the portal
  • Fill Class of DSC
  • Select Only for Sign or Sign & Encrypt DSC
  • Enter correct necessary details in the portal and  download the form, from the site 

Hope you know how to do digital signature online.

What are the documents needed for the Digital signature certificate?

  • Applicant Name 
  • Contact Details.
  • Residential Address.
  • GST Number 
  • Identity Details of Proof Documents.
  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of address
  • Declaration.
  • Payment Details.

After filling up the required information, you must paste your recent coloured passport size photo. Check the document and put your signature under the declaration paragraph. Payment through demand draft or cheque on behalf of DSC authority.

After completion of the above formality, post the printed form with attaching your document to the Local Registration Authority, who is the approver of DSC. After verification of your, document LRA sends DSC to you by post. You can search your LRA by visiting the DSC issuer site.

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Use of digital signature (DSC)

You can use this e-signature for GST, e-tender, trademark registration, e-procurements, Income Tax, TDS (Tax Deducted at Source), MCA, and etc.

Which Java version is required for digital signature

You must install the latest Java version for successful DSC authentication. If your installed Java version is outdated, it may show an error when you try to before you plug your DSC into the computer must check your installed JAVA version.

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In this article, I covered how to do digital signature, What is digital signature, How to create digital signature in 2021. This digital key keeps your data safe and making your online work easy. Thanks to reading this article to the last. If you have any query you can post your comment below. I will answer your question. Thank you


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