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WhatsApp to end supports for older Android, iOS phones from 1st November | WhatsApp new Update?

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WhatsApp will end its supports on older Android, iOS phones. The instant messaging platform app changes its compatibility with older devices. Starting on 1st November, WhatsApp will stop supporting older Android phones which are running on Android 4.1 or older versions. If you have an older mobile device that is running on incompatible versions of Android, now it’s time to change your old smartphone and consider a new one. WhatsApp new update will impact many android devices, which are still running on old Operating systems.

In the case of Apple devices, WhatsApp will end supports for devices that run on below iOS 10 operating system. WhatsApp support will be available for iOS 10 and newer version installed Apple devices.

In the case of Jio phone users, after 1st November 2021, WhatsApp will only support KaiOS 2.5.0, so those who have JioPhone and JioPhone 2  keypad phones can continue to use this instant messaging platform.


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The move of killing support for older devices that have the older operating system, which platforms like WhatsApp will go ahead with once in a while. This is a vital precaution taken to increase the platform’s overall security. Older devices’ operating systems are not compatible with users a certain level of control over privacy and security so that WhatsApp needs to revise their support of better service and security.

You may note that, If your smartphone doesn’t fulfill the above-mentioned requirements after 1st November 2021, your WhatsApp account may be automatically logged out and you may not be able to log in again from your unsupported older smartphones.

WhatsApp also suggests on its website that if a user moves from an older KaiOS based device to another compatible smartphone, there is no way to retrieve your chat history from KaiOS to Android / iOS.


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How to check my Android or iOS version on my smartphone?

You can check your Android version, by taping on the setting option, then clicking on the about phone option. Tap on it to open its sub-sections and look for the ‘Android Version’ option. On iOS devices, you can open the Settings app and navigate to General/ About / Software Version to find out your running software version.


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